Smile through the pain because after even the harshest of storms comes the rainbow






I am torn, my heart shattered at once again saying Goodbye, standing on the patio watching the dark thunder clouds as the lightning lights up the sky, as I look down I watch as a tear leaves my cheek and splatters on the reddish brick paving, sparkling on the ground.  I look up at the dark grey sky, thick thunder clouds hide the normally light smooth blue of the African sky.  A huge bolt of lightning shoots across the sky, splitting into a spider web as it moves and disappearing as quickly as it appeared.  As another tear falls down my cheek, Charlie Chaplin appears in my mind in the sky.  He has a black top hat on his head, over sized black pants with a black belt, big black polished shoes, rounded at the toes. As he takes his fingers and draws an imagenery smile on his face, his short, rectangular mastashe curls in the middle of his top lip.  I can hear music in mind, the seductive sound of the violin as the bow is dragged across the stings. The words of the song start:

Music by Charles Chaplin, Lyrics by John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons

“Smile, though your heart is aching
Smile, even though it’s breaking
When there are clouds in the sky
you’ll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You’ll see the sun come shining through
for you

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That’s the time you must keep on trying
Smile what’s the use of crying
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
If you’ll just

©Copyright 1954 by Bourne Co. Copyright Renewed All Rights Reserved International Copyright Secured

As I look up again at the dark sky, a golden glow of sun ray breaks through the clouds and though I feel nothing like smiling, I force a smile onto my damp face.  Even a forced smile can change my mood and the way the day is going.  Smiling through the heartache warms my shattered heart and certainly makes it easier to get through the hard times.  A smile dries the tears and a hope of a beautiful morning tomorrow blows away the clouds.

The amazing Charlie Chaplin was born in 1889 and died in 1977.  He was a brilliant English Actor, Filmmaker and Composer, in a league of his own.  He certainly left a legacy behind and his song, Smile really gives us all something to think about.



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