Little Lu’s Charity Support #1 “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Hello everyone, I have chosen a very relevant charity in my life as the first charity that I wish to drive.  How many of you know a child with autism?  A close friend of mine has a 6 year old son with Autism.  This child, Ethan has been in my life since the day that he entered this world.  He was born at home and I met him the very same day that he was born, he was a gorgeous, dark-haired tiny little baby, although he only stayed small for about two weeks.  He is a stocky, tough little man with thick dark brown hair and brown eyes and a captivating smile.  Ethan is an exceptionally beautiful child with the sweetest nature you could imagine.  He is a blessing in the lives of many yet he has so many struggles of his own.  I don’t find it fair at all that a child should have as many struggles as a child with autism has.  I really struggle at times to understand what he is trying to communicate and it is incredibly frustrating for him.  Did you know that a number of children with Autism never speak properly and most autistic children struggle with social interaction however many children with autism are highly intelligent.

The Oxford Dictionary defines Autism as: A developmental disorder of variable severity that is characterised by difficulty in social interaction and communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behaviour.

This doesn’t offer much of an explanation as the disorder is broad and children who are classified with Autism’s symtoms vary widely so there is a fair bit of confusion.  In layman terms an Autistic child struggles with social interaction and has challenges with communication.  The scale of diificulty that a child faces with these challenges varies greatly from child to child.  Ethan has sensory issues, I have noticed that he cannot deal with loud noises or noise.  It can affect one or even all of a child’s senses.  This is just the tip of the ice berg and the list of difficulties and challenges is a long list and again varies from child to child.  Autism comes in many shapes and forms so to speak.

According to the World Health Organization autism affects 1 in 160 children world wide.  That is a huge number of children affected by the growing disorder.  It is incredibly important to me to raise awareness about this disorder and for me to aid in any way that I can, this truly is very close to home and a very dear cause to me.  It is for this reason that I have chosen Jp Meyer and his lovely lady, Lauren Lindau’s charity

As I started my look into, I found out that Jp and his girlfriend, Lauren who was a close friend of mine in High School have been hit with some bad luck of late and are struggling after the theft of their Food Trailer and his bike after both finding themselves suddenly unemployed.  They had taken the money that they had and purchased a food trailer to support themselves and their children, Jp’s two autistic sons and Lauren’s daughter, they also support Jp’s mother.  What a great time to help out and see what me and my readers can do for them and their charity.

Jp went to High School with me and he is father to two beautiful autistic boys.  Jp and Lauren are driven to change the way the public sees autism and to create awareness.

Jp describes himself as: “Autism Advocate, Analyst, Techie, Coder, Father, Son, Learner, Teacher”. I know him as someone I saw in February as an extremely proud Daddy to his boys and a great activist for Autism.  He is not shy to share his experiences with Autism and incredibly proud of his children, although a hint of exhaustion can be seen in his eyes. The couple is driven to create awareness and promote change so let’s see how we can help!  Remember a donation as little as $1 will help.  Jp also offers a website service for the very reasonable price of R 999 and R 99 per month and I can personally guarantee that he is top of his game, so if you are in need of a website, please contact him.  Proceeds go to the charity and I guarantee your satisfaction. The pair also makes beautiful custom pallet Furniture, only for sale in South Africa, the furniture has a fun, rustic feel and simply stunning and at really good prices too! Please take the time to have a look at what they have to offer, all furniture is custom-made to order!  What a lovely addition to your home one of their special pieces will make!

Please take the time to read some of his incredible links as well as suggested links from Jp:

Check out his incredible website and let’s make some magic happen!

Facebook page:

Here are also a couple of interesting links from JP:

On an entertaining note, if you want to watch a thoroughly entertaining classic movie, which is centered around an autistic kid, “Mercury Rising” get’s my recommendation.

I recently watched the movie “Mercury Rising” with Bruce Willis (1998).  I strongly recommend this dramatic and heart wrenching film with a feel good feel at the end.

The incredible Bruce Willis plays Art Jeffries plays an under cover FBI agent who protects Simon – the autistic boy who cracked a top secretGovernment code and becomes a target of Governemt assassins.  The movie is based on a 1996 novel by  Ryne Douglas Pearsonoriginally published as Simple Simon

Then child actor Miko Hughes(now aged 32)  plays autistic boy, Simon Lynch.  He does a phenominal job in portraying an autistic child and the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat and you may be in for a couple of tears too.  I was touched by the movie and drew multiple similarities between the boy Simon and my special little boy Ethan.

See the IMDB and Wikipedia pages on the movie:

In the spirit of giving as the Festive Season begins, I urge you to give a little!






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