Anticipation over, well done Trystan on passing matric! One down, two to go!!

I am filled with pride after receiving the matric results. Trystan, my oldest passed matric and is now ready to start his life outside of school.

I remember waiting for my matric results and the wait was long indeed but I have to say that it certainly felt more stressful waiting for my son’s results. I think I was definitely an arrogant teenager back when I wrote my matric, so arrogant that failing didn’t even cross my mind.

It really is a long wait for matric results. At first we were told that they would be out on the 1st January and it moved out daily until the 4th of January. Finally yesterday our minds and nerves were put to bed, as we got the results and he passed and did well.

Thanking everyone for their amazing love and support yesterday and today. Well done boy, I am super proud of you!

Now onto the real world and your exciting future.


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